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Heber City Police Hosts a Town Hall Meeting: Community Oriented Policing

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Heber City Police Hosts a Town Hall Meeting:
Community Oriented Policing (COP)
Heber City, Utah, Jan. 30, 2012. – The Heber City Police Department will be hosting a town hall style meeting at the police department at 301 South Main on Thursday, Feb. 9th at 6:30 p.m. The meeting is to discuss the concept of Community Oriented Policing (COP), crime trends in the city and how residents and business owners can help prevent crime to keep their neighborhoods a safe and desirable place to live and shop. One of the most recognizable programs for this is Neighborhood Watch. Officer Bryan Bresnan will explain how to start, register and maintain a Neighborhood Watch or Business Watch group. Officer Bresnan will discuss what to look for and how to report suspicious behavior, whether or not you are part of a formal group.
Neighborhood Watch has been shown to decrease crime, but many of you will think our crime rate is already low, so why bother. A balance between risk and over vigilance needs to be found and Neighborhood Watch is that balance. Heber City is growing, there is crime, and we need to prevent our crime rate from increasing. Lowering it couldn’t hurt either. There is also the benefit of the extra peace of mind for you and your family. 

Property values have also been shown to increase due to Neighborhood Watch programs. A representative from Ivory Homes will briefly discuss the benefits of citizen involvement with crime prevention.

Detective Tammy Thacker will talk about signs of child abuse and the sex offender registry. Anyone can look up the offender map, but Det. Thacker will explain the registry and what else you can do to protect your children.

We encourage everyone to attend, however if you cannot the meeting will be broadcast live via the web at It will be as entertaining as CSPAN, but it is about your local community so worth watching.  

Please RSVP and note your neighborhood so they can plan accordingly. You can call 435-654-3040, email Officer Bresnan at or post to the Neighborhood Watch Meeting event on Heber City Police Department’s Facebook page. 


Press Release: Oliver Pleads Guilty

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October 27th, 2011
Heber City, Utah
For Immediate Release
Arthur Dale Oliver, 58 years old of Murray plead guilty to two reduced counts of possession of stolen property, both class A Misdemeanors. On August 23rd, 2011 a stolen fork lift and over 500 dollars worth of stolen steel was recovered from his place of business at 483 W Airport Road. He was subsequently arrested and booked into the Wasatch County Jail for two 3rd Felony Counts of Possession of Stolen Property. Sentencing is scheduled for December.

Heber City Police - Solving and Preventing Crimes - A Team Effort

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October 24th, 2011

Heber City Utah

For Immediate Release   

Over the past several weeks, we received over 20 reports of items stolen from vehicles. Using information from these reports as well as other tips from the public, we were able to prevent further burglaries and catch two of the people responsible. 

    As a police officer, it is great to find the suspect and make the arrest. However it is still a team effort. For three days our officers passed a lot of information on to the next shift and kept this effort going 24 hours a day. We also went to the public for help. Conversations about normal behavior became useful leads in this investigation. Then on Saturday, October 22 at about 4:00 AM a male subject was found sleeping in the yard of a vacant home. Some of the stolen items were recovered from where he was sleeping. Trevor Jay Healey, 20 years old of Sandy Utah, was arrested and booked into the Wasatch County jail on two counts of Vehicle Burglary. Later that morning Dustin Joseph “DJ” Christensen, 20 years old of Heber City, was also arrested and booked for the same crimes. So far 27 vehicle burglaries have been accounted for.

    There may still be other suspects and the investigation is ongoing. Please use this as a reminder to lock your homes and your vehicles to make yourself a less desirable target.

    In the course of this investigation several items were recovered and some have been returned to the owners. The other items will be returned to the rightful owners, but only if they report them stolen. We have an iPod Touch, an Apple laptop, backpacks, a purse, a camera, and more that do not match our list of reported stolen property. A request on our Facebook page resulted in several new reports, but we know there are still more unreported thefts. Please call the Heber Police Department at 435-654-3040, or after normal business hours 435-654-1411 (Dispatch) to file a report of your stolen property. Even if you don't care about the items taken, these reports may help police solve other crimes, identify more suspects, help other victims, and prevent future crimes. You can also Text HCPD followed by an anonymous tip to 274-637 (CRIMES).

A big thank you goes out to the public for their assistance as well as to our Secretaries, Dispatchers, the Utah Highway Patrol and the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office who all assisted in this

Bike Registration

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October 24th, 2011

Heber City Utah

For Immediate Release

Bike Registration

During October, Officer Bresnan arranged to have the Heber City Police Department go to JR Smith Elementary , Heber Valley Elementary and Rocky Mountain Middle School to register bicycles for students. Over 120 bikes were registered during these visits.

The Heber City Police Department offers bike registration program where we will provide you with a license sticker, and record the serial number and other pertinent information on your bicycle. This can be a deterrent to theft, and helps you to recover your bike if it is stolen or lost. The Police Department recovers many bikes each year, but without the type of information collected during registration it is often difficult to locate the bike owners. If your bike has been stolen or lost, check with the Police Department to see if yours has been recovered.

If you missed the registrations at the schools, come down to the Heber City Police Department with your bike and we would be glad to help you with this.

Proactive Policing? I Thought the Police Just React.

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A problem that plagues every police department is the balance between reactive and proactive policing. If the public and police prevent crime we don't have to react as much, but if we are busy reacting to crime we can't spend much time preventing it. Crime prevention depends on a healthy relationship with the public, and we all know the key to a healthy relationship is effective communication. That's why the Heber City Police Department has been working on several new projects:

Facebook: “Like” us at to receive updates on critical incidents, active warrants, crime prevention tips, and other information. You can also post comments and ask questions in a public forum.
Visit to view our interactive incident map. Have you ever wondered why there were flashing lights down the street from you? Or just want to know what's been going on around you. Most incidents are online within 24 hours.
Many of you have had to fill out a witness statement at some point, and often it's for a relatively minor incident. We now have an online witness statement form to make that necessary but inconvenient task a little easier.

Bicycle Theft: Bicycle theft is more common than you probably realize. We currently have about 50 bicycles in storage that have been recovered around Heber City during the past year or two. If your bicycle is stolen please report it, we can't help if we don't know about it. You can also be proactive and register your bicycle for FREE. You can go to and fill out our online registration form, or stop by the Police Department. We will document details about your bicycle and take a photo that will be accessible from our patrol vehicles before it gets stolen. You will also receive a unique sticker for your bicycle to show would be thieves it's registered.

Anonymous tips: Text HCPD followed by your tip to 274-637 (CRIMES). You will then receive a response with your alias. We can respond to you, but we will NOT receive your phone number or real name. You can also go to or to submit an online form with more information.

Volunteers: You may have seen or been helped by one our VIPS (Volunteers in Police Service). We would like to take this opportunity to recognize Larry London for the many hours he has put in to help this community and make our jobs easier. We would also like to welcome Jack Rose as our newest member. Both of these men have been reserve officers for Heber City in the past. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please stop by to pick up an application.

Officers discovered a 22 year old male subject hanging from play ground equipment.

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For Immediate Release

April 17th, 2011, 0830 hrs.

Heber City, UT

The Heber City Police Department responded to a call of what witnesses thought was a dummy hanging
in the city park. Officers discovered a 22 year old male subject hanging from play ground equipment.
The subject was deceased.

Law enforcement closed off the park and surrounding intersection to keep on lookers away and conduct
an investigation. Officers are still attempting to locate the subject’s family so the subjects name cannot
be released at the time of this report.

No further information is available at this time.

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